AHOY there Tinpotters!

Remember how Tinpot Film Club was developed to support Scunthorpe Young People’s Film Festival? Well, we decided to have a special screening the evening before the festival itself, of a film centred around being a young person,  and what better film to show than Submarine?

Written and directed by Richard Ayoade (IT Crowd), starring Craig Roberts, Paddy Considine and Sally Hawkins, and with music written by Alex Turner, Submarine is a coming of age comedy that doesn’t let principles stand in the way of progress.

This event was the first ever Film Club which welcomed a substantial amount of newcomers! We were really happy to see such a good turn out in order to support the SYPFF.

The venue was decorated in the style of Hollywood’s golden era  of the 1920’s. All stops were pulled in order to bring class, glamour and glitz to Scunthorpe’s young people’s event.

There is always a informal discussion after our screenings and this film brought up some interesting points, which were as follows:

  •  Do we suffer the same “matters of the heart” as adults? A lot of Film Club members giggled that they had felt the cringey embarrassments fairly recently.
  • Oliver Tate keeping checks on his Mum and Dad, is that creepy or sweet?
  • Were the issues of solidarity, loyalty and lust intended purely for the young audience to connect with? Can adults relate to those things too?
  • Are we all dreamers but less likely to admit it?

Tinpot Film Club’s discussions are always fun. It’d be good to hear from some of our regulars as to how the discussions run and to try and encourage the new members to join us.

Thanks for reading, Tinpotters! See you at the next screening! 😉


Hello Tinpotter’s and Tinpot Film Clubbers!

It’s been a few months since our last blog update because of how busy we’ve been with all our various projects. Some of you may be aware that Film Club is growing in numbers! We’d like to welcome all our new members and encourage them to spread the word too.

Our family film for February was Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events. And what an event it was! Our amazing designer, Ross Clayton created this stunning poster for us to promote the event across Scunthorpe.

His Film Club logo has been made into lots of little badges too, if you’d like one, please get in touch on our Facebook page with your details and we will be sure to send one your way for 50p + p&p.

Our Hayley designed and made a beautiful shadow puppet theatre out of an old vintage suitcase.

Visitors to Film Club made puppets and acted out scenes in the theatre. Here’s some pictures of their clever designs:

There were lots of costumes hiding away in our tinpot trunk. Children and adults alike were dressing up with all our unusual props. From two left ears to oversized swords and shields, no-one minded looking a fool on this occasion.

All round the Film Club was another success with local Councillor Rob Waltham making an appearance to support the work Tinpot do for children and young people in the area. We also had the boys from Let There Be Light who are also working on the Scunthorpe Young People’s Film Festival with us.

Film Club is always looking for new members. Help us spread the word and let us know what films you’d like to see on the big screen and in this beautiful theatre:

Thanks for reading Tinpotters, have a lovely weekend!

Hi Tinpotters!

Have you been to the Tinpot Film Club yet? The third screening is coming up in the next week. We are screening SPINAL TAP, the film that does for rock and roll what “The Sound of Music” did for hills.

Spinal Tap promo poster

Details can be found on our Facebook events page and we’d be really happy to welcome all new comers!

Spread the word of Tinpot Film Club!

Thanks for reading!

Hi there Tinpotters!

Is everyone ready for Christmas? Visitors to our special Christmas screening of Elf are a step or two closer to being ready after they took part in out festive activity to accompany the screening of modern day Christmas classic, Elf!

All the Tinpotters got the chance to relax with a cuppa and a mince pie, while creating spectacular festive treats for their loved ones. Take a look at some of their bags:

Bruno, with his paper gift bag

A very pretty stripy bag, inspired by the Christmas bunting around the centre

Jude with his drawings that later got stuck to a bag for his Grandma

A Tinpotty family, working hard to create some sparkly bags

The place felt really festive with all the decorations that were made at Tinpot HQ and on loan from our friends at Frangleton Home

This big guy was popular with the children, but unfortunately he wasn't edible.

A few Tinpotters and visitors came dressed up in festive gear to get involved in the spirit of the season:

Tiny Tinpotter in his Elf hat

Our Wayne heading to Christmas and beyond!

Another little Tinpotter enjoying a few mince pies

We held an informal discussion, as is the Film Club way, about the film Elf. Discussion points included:

  • What the audiences favourite Christmas film was and why.
  • What makes a good Christmas film.
  • What would the audience like to see at the next Tinpot Film Club

Another very successful Tinpot Film Club was enjoyed by lots of people and we are very grateful for everyone’s help in supporting Scunthorpe Young People’s Film Festival.

Keep up the good festive work Tinpotters and a very merry Christmas to you all! 🙂

Things have been so hectic at Tinpot HQ with all our projects that we’ve not had time to catch up with our Tinpotters on the blog.

One of our projects is the brand new Tinpot Film Club! The club is to help raise awareness of the Scunthorpe Young People’s Film Festival and to introduce young people of North Lincolnshire to cult classics. Tinpot Film Club is also a chance for anyone to come along and engage in informal discussions about the films we show. On special occasions crafts and activities will accompany the screening, to encourage families to bring along younger children.

The first Tinpot Film Club took place in November when we screened The Lost Boys, a cult classic from mid 1980’s and is considered as one the original vampire teen drama:

our first Tinpot Film Club poster

Film Club is held at The Base Youth Arts Centre, which once was an old cinema screen, showing smaller more independent films many moons ago. The cinema was closed and became a youth club, which soon became a youth arts centre, being the hub of creativity for young people in the region.

It’s a real honor for Tinpot to be able to revitalise the old projector and use the space for what it used to once be. This was a lot of the reason why many people came to the first Film Club. They also came to get involved in the after film discussions about The Lost Boys. It was great to see so many people wanting to engage in film! Here are a few pictures from our first Tinpot Film Club event.

The Base was decorated in typical Tinpot style

A few of the first Tinpot Film Club members

Giggles during the after film discussions about the poor quality of The Lost Boys sequels

Discussion points included:

  • The historical context surrounding the release of The Lost Boys – blood sucking during the AIDS crisis in the 1980’s.
  • The homo-erotic nature of young leather clad men in a secret cave.
  • The terrible sequels, and
  • The Lost Boys vs Twilight.

Blackboard feedback from our visitors

It’s a privilege for Tinpot to be able to use the old screen to reignite North Lincolnshire’s interest in film. The profits will help fund Scunthorpe Young People’s Film Festival so your support means a lot to us and the SYPFF project.

Stay tuned for more Film Club events!

Hello Tinpotters!

We had the pleasure of being invited to hold a workshop at the first ever Crosby Culture Carnival. Crosby is an area of Scunthorpe rich with multiculturalism and boasts a very active community centre at its heart. Greeson Hall is attached to a beautiful church and is used by Crosby residents for many events and gatherings.

Greeson Hall was a hive of activity this weekend, with lots of stalls and things to do to celebrate such diversity in the area. Tinpot helped visitors to create something to keep as a memory of the day; due to the area having a much appreciated main shopping street running through it, we helped people design their very own shopping bags. Here are a few photos of our day:

A regular Tinpotter, this little girl came to our bunting workshops too

Some beautiful colours being used with a well practiced scribble technique

Heart shapes were a common theme throughout the day. This girl's design was based on her love for her younger sister. Very sweet.

The bunting from our previous workshops in the centre. It looked really affective on this sunny day.

It stretched for 15 metres!

Some pretty additions to the gardens

A team effort

A lovely henna tattoo

The Disney Princesses popped in to give sweets to all the Tinpotters

This lady went all out, did everything on offer and looked so bright and colourful at the end of the day. She was a walking carnival in herself!

Glue goes down a storm with children

Hello Kitty popped in to make a pretty shopping bag

Affective repetition

A friend of Tinpot showing his perseverance and determination with his intricate design

These two girls were teaching us Lithuanian

So much pride in his bag

This girl returned at the end of the day to do another bag because she enjoyed it so much

Showing off their pretty face and body paint designs

A nice example of the bags we created

Charlotte, the organiser of the entire event and an excellent community artist!

All in all the whole Carnival was a really lovely day and a good example of what can be achieved when a community pulls together to deliver great workshops and presentations. It’s a shame us Tinpotters were too busy to have a good snoop around what was going on.

We’d like to thank Crosby for letting us share their very special first Culture Carnival with them and we’d especially like to thank Charlotte for putting on such a fun day! Here’s to future Crosby Culture Carnival’s!

Thanks for reading!

Tinpot were invited by Greeson Hall’s resident community artist, Charlotte Carson, to host some events for the users of the community centre as part of their month of creative events leading up to the big Carnival on 3rd September 2011.

We held creative writing workshops where the little tales and poems were transferred onto beautiful decorated triangular flags, that were eventually sewn into a stream of bunting.

The workshops ran over two weeks and were attended by Crosby residents. For those of you not in Scunthorpe, Crosby is a vibrant multicultural area of Scunthorpe and is lucky enough to have a well used Community Centre.

Here are some fabulous photos of the first session, held on 11th August. The new Tinpotters were asked to write a postcard to someone about a holiday they had been on or might like to go on. The words from their postcards were turned into beautiful pieces of poetry using the cut-up technique we often adopt for family workshops.

All set up and ready to go

We all like a cuppa tea at Tinpot. Good to see our guests do too.

Arranging writing into cut-up poetry

Working hard

Some pretty flags

Excellent choices of fabics and colours. It'll be some bright bunting!

A family effort

11th August saw even more people come along to help make our bunting the finest in the land. The writing element involved writing words about our journey to Greeson Hall and using these words on the bunting.

Getting them Tinpotting at an early age

Kian working hard on finishing his flag from the previous week.

Writing some exquisite poetry about our journey to Greeson Hall

A proud Tinpotter who made some beautiful flags and practiced her English writing on a few of them too.

Another Tinpotter practicing the sounds of English letters

Eunice returned this week and was an immense help sewing the flags on once they'd dried.

Kian was learning how to use the sewing machine at school, so practiced on our bunting.

We at Tinpot were lucky enough to spend Kian’s birthday with him. He was a very creative and lucrative Tinpotter as well as very generous; he shared his lovely Manchester United birthday cake with everyone in the room! And we all enjoyed it very much indeed!

Anya likes cake as much as she likes using glue!

Naturally, if your have your birthday anywhere near the Tinpot gang, you will have Happy Birthday sung to you as loudly as possible.

Once all the frivolities and sugar rushes had died down, we waved goodbye to our new friends, packed away our Tinpot trunk and finished the bunting back at Tinpot HQ.

A colourful sparkling pile of Carnival bunting, made with lots of fresh Tinpot love from our new gang.

Now… to peel the glue off everything we own and to hoover the sparkles into the Dyson.

The Crosby Culture Carnival will be held at

Greeson Hall, Digby Street, Scunthorpe

3rd September 11am-3pm

and it’s FREE!

Tinpot will display this bunting and will be hosting a brand new workshop for all the family to get involved in… come on down and see what we will be up to!

Thanks for reading!